Harendra Chitra College is 2(f) and 12B Certified

Welcome To Harendra-Chitra College

Harendra Chitra College was established on 25th December 1992. The college is situated in the peaceful surroundings of the village Kawaimari Block no 11, P.O- Naligaon, near Bhaktardoba Bazar. It commenced its journey by offering H.S. classes from the Academic year 1992-93. With a vision to promote higher education, especially for rural people, the college has continued to provide quality education to the underprivileged rural community as a venture college until 2021. It is affiliated to Gauhati University and received recognition under section 2(f) in 2012 and 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956 in 2014. Starting from January 1, 2021, some of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college was officially provincialized under the Assam Venture Educational institutions (provincialisation of services) Act, 2011, and amended bill in 2018, in accordance with the government-sanctioned order no.AHE 1010/2019/Pt/49, DTD 01/02/2021.However, the Provincialisation of Services Act in 2011 resulted in many teaching and non-teaching staff not being provincialized due to specific criteria. Despite this challenge, these faculty members have continued to provide their services with utmost dedication. Currently, the college offers undergraduate education in accordance with the National Education policy 2020. Additionally, the college provides add on/certificate courses for students and strives to enhance their physical, intellectual, aesthetic and other capabilities. The institution is now voluntarily undergoing the first cycle of assessment and accreditation by submitting its Self Study Report, which aligns with NAAC’s guidelines. This report outlines the institution’s vision, mission and innovative initiatives in its pursuit of excellence.

News/Upcoming Events

06 FEB 2023

NAAC Peer Team is going to visit our college on 21st – 22nd February 2023

30 SEP 2022

Durga Puja Holiday Starting date.

13 AUG 2022

B.A. 5th Sem Online Admission 2022 is start’s from today.

01 AUG 2022

B.A. 1st Sem Online Admission 2022 is start’s from today.

01 MAR 2022

.A Admission Notice 2022. Read more

Harendra Chitra College

Mission & Vision

MISSION : At Harendra Chitra College, we aim to be a beacon of knowledge and growth. We are dedicated to nurturing creative minds, ensuring that every student receives top-notch education and equipping them with the tools to contribute positively to our global community. Our environment fosters collaboration and innovations, making every learner feel valued. Together, we are building a future where education transcends boundaries and creates change-makers for a better tomorrow.

VISION : Establishing a college in a rural area embodies a vision of empowerment through education, community integration, cultural preservation, and socioeconomic growth, it aims to bridge educational disparities, foster local pride, preserve heritage, and drive collective advancement.

Message From Principal

Dr. Jakir Hussain

M.A, Ph.D

I am pleased to welcome you all to the Harendra-Chitra College website. Founded in 1992, Harendra-Chitra College is well-known for the outstanding holistic education that we provide. As a premier College in the heart of the Baktardaba we have a strong focus on student academic progress and success. I hope to convey the excitement and enthusiasm that our faculty and students bring to all that they do here, making H C College such a beautiful place to gain knowledge.

In today’s competitive and dynamic world, 4×90 degree perfection and grooming is of utmost value and through our institute we are creating an atmosphere for producing our future leaders, scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals. Our promise at H C College is to provide a secure and academically demanding environment that will empower our students to become novel thinkers, innovative problem solvers and brilliant learners ready to succeed in the twenty-first century.


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Why Harendra-Chitra College?
Mission and Goals

Located on an idyllic spot, Harendra-Chitra College, Bhaktardoba remains a co-educational institution providing the aspireing scholars of the locality with equality education with all the facilities at its disposal.

This center of higher education was established with view to addressing the needs of students belonging to specially and economically backward section...

The institution aims an imparting knowledge of various disciplines amongst the youths of rural populace of the region to make them responsible and competent to face the challenges of modern world and contribute towards upliftment of society.

Besides it endeavors to set an example of unity and integrity among different sections of people of the locality.